Aziza Kadyri

social AR and filters

yandex plus

AR jumper for FUTUREISNOWN and yandex

ftn sticker

AR stickers for FUTUREISNOWN


AR canvases for anton bundenko and FUTUREISNOWN

seismic modernism

AR activation for tashkent modernism


spark AR eater game for abbott laboratories

partzuf #4

face filter for solaris moscow and immerse lab


3D randomiser filter for immerse lab

folk costumes

videochat lenses for viber (with VOIC)

ginger sailor

videochat lens for viber (with VOIC)

yozgi kayfiyat

brand activation for yangiamarket

oleg menshikov 60th birthday tribute

AR event activation for ermolova theatre

victor's landscapes

AR clay sculptures for an exhibition by zhenya rzheznikova

the beauty of age

aging filter for age aesthetics club

new year's wishes

AR postcards for PHYGITALISM

Made With Brizy