Aziza Kadyri

digital environments

digital performance environment for the performance of homeward

mozilla hubs, spoke, blender

how do we apply the visual language created for a live performance onto interactive virtual spaces? this question has been on my mind for months. ‘homeward’ seemed to be the best show to experiment with, as it was postponed due to the pandemic.

sound by fanis sakellariou.


mozilla hubs, spoke, blender, substance painter

orasta qizlar is a visual album by amalia, an uzbek indie musician and songwriter. each of the four tracks on the album is accompanied by an online visual experience - a music video, a website with photocollages, etc. the third track, oymomo, has its own vr space.

on the set of fittings: a 360° experience

blender, premiere pro

look around the stage as if you're the narrator.

the digital audience is invisible, but do not despair — they see everything, they hear everything, they feel everything.

presented here are digital fragments of a one-woman show that never happened: recorded voices, digitalised costumes, recreated 3D visualisations, decontextualised soundscapes...

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